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Picking The Correct Theme

Blog & Magazine WordPress themes are generally used for daily articles, news sites, editorial blogs or any kind of personal blog about fashion, art, architecture, design, decoration, finance, hobbies etc.

One of the most important things for a blog & magazine theme is to present your content in a correct way. Readability, positioning of featured images, visitor experience, all of these matter.

On WPSelected, we're working hard to select only the best themes and this is valid for blog & magazine themes too. When you decide to pick yours, just think about your blog content and try to find the one that suits your needs. Theme authors mostly present different versions and features of their themes on the demo site. So please be sure that you examined the demo site well.

Today, a WordPress blog theme without SEO (Search Engine Optimization) can't be accepted. And with the new WordPress editor Gutenberg, now it's a must for the themes to support Gutenberg features.

What is Gutenberg?

Gutenberg is the new WordPress text editor which dramatically improves the writing experience. It's a plugin, so you need to install it from the WordPress plugin repository and activate to start using.

Also, you can see and try the Gutenberg features on this site. You'll quickly realize the new block system. You used to add all the content of your blog post right into the editor, any type of materials, without styling. Now with the Gutenberg editor, you have a real control over the images, paragraphs, videos or any other thing that you want to add into your post. This block system opens a new door for theme authors. Because now the WordPress themes can include their own custom blocks. So get ready for greater theme features!

Some big changes are painful. Gutenberg is a big change too and it may take a little time to get used to it. But once you feel comfortable with it, your blog will give you more happiness.

Blog & Magazine Theme Buckets

When you're stuck with deciding the right WordPress theme for you, you should have a look at WPSelected buckets! They are specificly grouped theme lists to meet different needings. Click here to see the buckets under the Blog & Magazine category.

You'll see a useful description at the top of each bucket page. So you can have a general idea about that theme bucket.

Each theme has a screenshot from its demo site and an explanation about its design and technical features right under it.

If you like a bucket but want to see more buckets like it, please see the "Similar Buckets" section at the end of each bucket page. And don't forget to share it on your social accounts!

Keep in mind that all of the themes in buckets are selected (winner) ones on WPSelected. Which means high quality is guaranteed!