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Of course, there are some specific features that a good blog theme should have. Like being user friendly, meeting the targeted needs and having a beautiful design. But sometimes these are not enough for neither the users, nor the visitors. There, for the ones who ask for more, we’ve created a bucket that focused on creative blog themes.

Most people define creativity like going beyond the limits or overdose actions. However, sometimes it’s only a smart idea which completes a small part of the theme. And sometimes it’s a privilege that you realize in time, as you discover the theme. So you can get ready and join the exploration!


Gliu – Creative Blog Theme for WordPress

Clearly, it seems like Gliu is going to be in the spotlight for a long time with its young soul and unique style. It’s one of the most creative blog themes of recent times. We should say that Gliu has a complete different taste in comparision with the other themes of the seller Burnhambox. This theme has something to tell!

Of course, it should promise some reasonable features to deserve this self-confidence. Gliu has an original homepage with its remarkable slider. Your slide images that displayed in bordered circles will seem fascinating with the animated sparkles. You can set the number of these sparkles as you wish. So the slider can be shown in a modest view too. It’s also possible to set a different number for mobile devices, caring for the performance in mind.

On post items, you’ll realize some badges like “New”, “Hot” and “Sponsored”. You can mark your posts with these and make them more catching. It’s nice to have the ability to change the words. For example, you can write “Promoted” instead of “Sponsored”. What’s more, you can add some introductory text to your blog homepage layout, which will be very useful for SEO. Gliu has a leaderboard banner management system which allows you to insert your ads into 10 different locations. We think there’s no need to say, but still, the theme supports animated gifs. And for the ones who’d like to see Gliu in action on a buyer’s site, here’s a good example.

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Gutentype – 100% Gutenberg WordPress Theme for Modern Blog

Gutentype, which is the best-selling blog theme compatible with Gutenberg, draws attention with its ultra modern design. We can say that this modernity mostly comes from the font choice, perfectly set spaces and the dominance of white. Accompanying colors nail it too! None of the elements steal any role from each other.

Maybe you can think that the theme doesn’t focus any specific topic. In fact, the default homepage layout can be considered as simple. But this is absolutely not a deficiency. The direct opposite, it’s the biggest indicator to the adaptation ability of the theme. It has lots of alternative layouts for any kind of subject that you can think of. You must see all of them since Gutentype shows its real potential by those.

Do you want to hear a customer feedback? Check this out: “This theme is a piece of golden!”. Because, considering the perfect mobile performance and 750+ customization options, Gutentype is a theme full of pluses. Just do whatever you want. Your blog will surely look professional.

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Val Blog – Creative Blog Theme

If you’re looking for a colorful, distinctive and creative blog theme, you’re welcome here. Because here we got a theme which has that slogan: “Stand out! It’s better than fitting in.”

Val is a lovely alternative for the blog owners who have fun and energetic content. With cornered details and typographic booms, it provides a clear attitude while having green, pink and blue variations. Theme outshines with colors and has a very easy-to-use color switcher system. You can just choose one of the pre-made color patterns and instantly change your blog’s atmosphere.

You’ll see lots of animations in Val. On the other hand, to reach a high readability, designers have kept the things simple on detail pages. Plus, you’ll taste the freedom of making your choice from 7 different blog layouts. Theme is compatible with WooCommerce and the shop section on demo site has a harmony with the general concept. The same dynamic atmosphere continues on pages like About, Marketing and Contact.

Do you like exceptional features? Well, meet the “Post Title Auto-Styling” system. By this feature, Val automatically stylize your post titles according to the punctuation and capitalized letters that you used. And finally, the seller BoldThemes is a very experienced one with more than 25.000 sales.

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Creative Blog Themes - Hygge

Hygge – An Independent Editorial Magazine & Blog Theme

Hygge gives a comfort feeling, a relief, like its name! Beautiful fonts, matching colors, images chosen with care… As a customer, how else could you feel better? It’s such a creative and comprehensive theme that you’ll want to spend more and more time with it.

Let’s talk about Hygge’s creative stance a bit more. Under its harmony with extraordinary contents, great design and quality coding lies. When these two things have been executed well together, you can be free to enjoy the fun. For example, the preloader between the page transitions holds a small version of the featured image of the desired post. It’s perfect for the bloggers who like this kind of stuff. Besides, previous and next post buttons are bravely big and attached to each other. It’s a sweet detail to call them “Story”, while being an inspiration for the user. The theme has lots of elements and they are placed very well, without causing any confusion. What’s more, you can combine them in various forms and styles.

The Demo #2 which you can find in the main menu on the demo site, can give you a new point of view regarding what can you do with Hygge. And you must definitely see the “Photo Story” post format. Capitalized letters that you can see everywhere except of the post content itself adds a strong atmosphere to that format especially. Thanks to the top class theme support service from the author, sale numbers are increasing day by day, which is not a surprise!

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Starmile – Blog Monetization WordPress Theme

Starmile has a nice design which rose pink tones have been combined with modern fonts. Its elegance and feminine style is coming from that. The seller, bringthepixel, has chosen to present a full of fashion focused content on the demo site. So you can test a real site experience easily. The theme has more than 10 premade homepages including some rare concepts like “Men’s Style” and “Mom”.

Fashion bloggers will love this theme because it brings a brand new feature called “Shop The Post”. With this feature, your visitors have a chance to buy the clothing combination that you’ve talked about in the post. Another great opportunity for you is that having the “Shoppable Images” function. You can add clickable spots onto your images and when the visitors click them, they will be redirected to the shop site where they can buy the spotted product! Beyond these features, Starmile helps you a lot with creating promotional posts for your sponsors.

We can say that this theme is mostly for experienced users and really cares about SEO microdata. By doing so, it lets you get higher rankings in Google search results, without any extra effort. Focusing on monetization and providing rare features. That’s what Starmile is all about.

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Narratium – Simplicity for Authors

Narratium welcomes you with an epic homepage by creating a fantastic comic book atmosphere that focused on illustrations. But this should not mislead you. It’s a suitable theme for everyone who has a story to tell. It turns to a cultural art magazine in a flash, with the post styles it has that have been fictioned for long texts. The “Interview Tool” jumps in here and gives a hand for adding QA’s into your posts. At the same time, the “Word Count Tool” can count the words in your posts and show the estimated reading time to the visitors.

Generally, it has a very well organized design. Users who care about details will like the arranged view. This understanding attaches a positive approach to Narratium. On the demo site, seller presents the theme features in a little unusual way. So, don’t miss the layout options in the main menu. You’ll realize that this theme is much more creative than it seems. Our choices are the first and the last templates!

About the other features; we believe that the best one is the ability to stylize the post titles as you wish. You can shape them like you’re working on a regular text. Bold, italic, underlined or colorful words. All of them can be done! Moreover, it’s in your hands to use different color schemes for each of your posts. In short, it’s very easy to have a unique site with Narratium.

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Koalogger – Simple WordPress Blog Theme

Designers completed the first step of a successful concept by using the yellow and black color duo, which is quite eye catching. Despite keeping the design elements quite simple, Koalogger is a blog theme which has been shaped with creative details. It steps forward especially with its animations. In addition, it is after a distinctive experience by promising an extraordinary slider and special visual effects for the featured images.

Koalogger is convenient for beginners. It has a fast and easy usage because of the classical blog structure, which nicely goes along with the youth concept. You’ll find enough customization options in it, since the them considers being simple as a duty. There are one, two or three columned layout options for your homepage and masonry view is default. Besides, it has the “SoundCloud Music Post Format” among the 6, which is a hard-to-find one. Finally, Koalogger has got perfect ratings from all of the customers who dropped a feedback. You should visit the colorful world of this theme!

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