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The blogs that meet today’s standards and keep their doors open to innovation, they are always one step ahead about reaching the target audience. Of course, we should never underestimate the confidence and knowledge of the classics; but on the other hand, the power and energy of actuality should be accepted. Thus, in this theme bucket, we take the trending blog theme topic under the spotlight.

Our bucket promises for outstanding features, functions that greeting the future and typographic details that creates style while having modern, colorful, elegant and comprehensive themes. This exploration corresponds to the trending blog theme logic and looks for some diversity for different purposes. From magazine themes to travel blogs, from minimalist approaches to sweet and fancy elements, we claim that in here you have a high percentage of finding a WordPress theme for yourself!

Saxon Trending Blog Theme

Saxon – Viral Content Blog & Magazine WordPress Theme

Trending blog themes has a new member! Saxon is a comprehensive blog theme which cares about functionality. In fact, we can call it almost a multipurpose theme. It has a masculine style which brings the high usability. Suitable for any kind of users. If have too much content, you’ll be happy with Saxon.

On the demo site, you’ll see a detailed presentation of theme features. After your purchase, you’ll want to visit it frequently for inspiration! Theme has 14 different demo alternatives. We suggest you to inspect the ones named “Magazine”, “Games” and “Travel”. With these demos, it’s quite easy to understand that the theme is suitable for various categories. Designers have preferred blue as the helper color and vivid colors in details. By the way, you can change the colors as you wish, as usual. On the other hand, theme has 10 ready-to-use color schemes. You can just pick one and move on. If you’d like to have a more plain view, “Minimal” version would be a good choice.

Saxon is compatible with WooCommerce and optimized for Gutenberg. It has a clean and well coded groundwork. And you’ll get a very detailed help file when you buy the theme. Luckily, it will always be in the stock. Otherwise, it would be hard to find it since it has been sold more than 200 in the first month of release!

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WPSelected Winner Blog WordPress Themes - Zeen

Zeen – Next Generation Magazine WordPress Theme

Zeen, which has everything that a comprehensive magazine theme must have, took its reward with 500 sales in less than a month. What’s more, it seems like that getting more than 40 “5-star” ratings is going to be a new record! Hence, you’re right to maximize your expectations about this trending next generation blog theme.

What do we mean by “comprehensive”? Let’s talk more about it. First, you don’t have to control everything. Even if you’re a novice, with Zeen, it’s possible to feel yourself like a professional. Codetipi, the theme author, has cared too much for details and equipped the theme while considering the customer needs. If we ask about these needs, we can get some replies like originality, monetization and comfort of usage.

With Zeen, you can create a genuine site by mixing the styles and features of different layouts that you see on the demo site. Besides, you can take advantage of the banner spots that have been smartly placed to the most attractive parts of the theme. To start making money from your blog, you can give some space to the sponsored posts. If you want more, why don’t you try the clickable background ads? See, every detail is ready to use!

The best part is, if we think that Gutenberg is going to be the main text editor of WordPress in near future, Zeen is already ready for it, which is a great easiness for customers. So, you must be ready too, to have a highly positive experience.

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WPSelected Winner Blog WordPress Themes - Backpack Traveler

Backpack Traveler – Modern Travel Blog

“Attention: Lots of sweetness inside!”. Maybe this must be the tagline for this theme of Mikado-Themes, who we’re familiar to see at the top ranks in the Author Chart. Icon sets, title fonts and colors in Backpack Traveler, is a real treasure for especially women. The creators have attentively thought about everything that a trending travel blog theme must have. And they present it in great detail. A buyer feedback which says “Endless posibilities and variations.” explains a lot!

One of these variations is that the theme gives you the freedom to choose an icon set, from 7 different alternatives. Another one is, there are about 10 layout options with distinctive features. For example, if you don’t prefer to use too much text, you can choose the “Personal Post Gallery” layout, which has a similar style to Instagram, shows only the photographs and titles. Or, for the ones who would like to get the most out of the empty spaces on the page, there’s a layout alternative named “Pinterest Blog”.

Apart from the visual features, it’s a plus to have WooCommerce support for creating a shop section. In respect of the presentation of the demo site, we can say that it’s very suitable for selling books, magazines and postcards.

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WPSelected Winner Blog WordPress Themes - Narrator

Narrator – A Fluent WordPress Blogging Theme

Some colors, some visual concepts, could have a strong impact on a theme, instantly. There the source of the special look at first sight to Narrator, is the font choice, which is Renner. We believe it has a magical effect that makes something quality and esthetic. Don’t get us wrong, this theme has got much more than that. Under its modern, minimalist and fresh look, it holds many functional features that stripped from useless crowd. Creating galleries in collage style without any 3rd party plugins, and having the lightbox feature with them is some of these features.

Calmness should be an important thing for MauerThemes. Because in Narrator, the usage of typography, comfortable colors that highlighting the content, and fineness in details have all been processed professionally. From the social sharing icons on post pages to the search section, everything is in a good harmony. Therefore, it’s not a surprise that you can display this theme on all kind of devices, perfectly.

We must add that the Narrator, which can be considered as a story telling theme, is one of the items that has been featured on WPSelected.

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WPSelected Winner Blog WordPress Themes - Typograph

Typograph – Content Focused Trending WordPress Blog Theme

Unlike most of the themes, you can still get a rich and well looking view with Typograph, even if you don’t use any images. As you may already familiar to its name, it has a text focused design. Using the first letters of the posts as a major design element obtains a stunning stance. The harmony of default color pattern brings a calmness, while increasing the readability. And it is a must, since the main goal of Typograph is to provide great content.

These nice design features, fast loading speed and supporting the Gutenberg plugin provides a tasteful editor experience. Gutenberg, which is still being developed and soon to be heard much more in near future, is a big plus for the theme, with functions like creating galleries, drag & drop feature and practical usage. Typograph is also compatible with Visual Composer, but you should buy it separately in order to use it. It’s not included in the theme.

You’ll see a bunch of homepage alternatives on the demo site but we must say that they have small differences only. We’d like to see more layouts because this trending blog theme deserves it.

Finally, the seller MNKY, aimed to widen the target audience by including multilanguage (WPML) and RTL support. As far as we understand from the customer feedback, they have a friendly help service.

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WPSelected Winner Blog WordPress Themes - Reco

Reco – Minimal Theme for Freebies

For Reco, the very first and unique WordPress theme which focuses on freebies, it seems like the biggest goal is usability. So, taking the price into account too, the demo site may seem a little basic. You should consider the price as a tempting opportunity. Because adding target based content and images is causing this simplicity. This trending freebies blog theme has a clear attitude, far away from the complexity and vanity. The mobile experience is quite elaborate too.

Reco hosts soft formed geometric elements as well as energetic colors while having a 100% success on popular speed tests. It has a bright air and an up-to-date feeling. Since this is a theme for freebies, it lets you add animated gifs instead of static featured images, to make your content shine. You can use Reco on the sites that provide downloadable free content like graphics, templates, illustrations and fonts.

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WPSelected Winner Blog WordPress Themes - Stylemag

Stylemag – Fashion Magazine & Shop WordPress Theme

Stylemag is an elegant and extensive magazine theme which stands out with 4 different layouts: Fashion, Decoration, Travel and Personal Blog. The fashion layout has the most detailed presentation on demo site but the truth is, this theme has much more than that! And as WPSelected, our mission is to highlight them.

So let’s see what the Stylemag has. There are a couple of header options on post pages like fullwidth, covered image with title and transparent. Serif and sans-serif fonts have been combined successfully. And there’s a special gallery function which you can switch between the slider view and grid view. The image numbering system that tells us which one we’re displaying at that moment, goes along really nice with this trending blog magazine theme. We usually see this feature on editorial fashion magazine sites. This means Stylemag is a strong candidate to create one of them. The creators also have added an “Authors” page by the thought in mind that there can be more than one author.

Finally, the best feature: Infinite posts. In other words, you can view the next post by just scrolling down and down. No need to click anywhere. This is a big plus, to keep your visitors on your site, for a much longer period. What else you might want!

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