Modern WooCommerce Themes for Stores & Shopping Sites 2019

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No doubt, today, the most efficient and easiest way of presenting your products to your potential customers is your online shop site. Innovative, remarkable and easy-to-use websites take the biggest slice of the pie in this growing sector. Modern WooCommerce themes meet these needs and create an aesthetic ground to your goods. Thereby, we decided to get together the best shopping themes under the same roof, considering their designs and features.

New approaches, practical solutions and the ones that add a specific style join our admiration radar. We particularly liked the successful font usages and brave slider views of the themes you’ll see in this bucket. And we always favor the demo sites that guide the user and care about the content quality. If you’re looking for stylish, brave and modern WooCommerce themes, this article has just been written for you!

Mogo - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Mogo – Fastest Fashion WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Mogo is an ideal item for the ones who look for modern WooCommerce themes. With its energetic and colorful design, it looks like a new generation has born!

You can easily understand that Mogo has been created to meet every kind of shopping site as the seller presents 15 demos. Generally, we see circular shaped icons and design elements. Fullwidth slider promises a fascinating entrance. You can select the best view for your header and footer to catch a personalized air. If you’d like to have a feminine style, we recommend you to have a look at the “Apparel” demo. Details in pastel tones add a soft and pure atmosphere to this modern theme. Also, you may want to see the “Fashion-Dark” alternative to experience a sober and strong shop site.

The theme comes with an advanced swatches module. So you can add small images or icons to options such as color, texture and type in variable products. Do you like launching campaigns? If so, the “Product Countdown” feature will help you to add or promote a product for a limited time.

Mogo proves that it’s a user friendly theme by having the WP Bakery Page Builder. Besides, it’s AJAX based and compatible with Gutenberg. Moreover, creating a multi-language shopping site is possible because Mogo supports WPML plugin too.

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Supro – Minimalist AJAX WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Having the one theme for every kind of product. Sounds nice, doesn’t it? Well, you have Supro, a modern WooCommerce theme with a young and fresh view. Salmon pink accompanies black & white colors to give that air. One of the most impressive elements of the design is the fullscreen slider. The theme catches a creative stance with various slide transitions in it.

Supro has 7 different layouts for product pages and 18 unique demos. It’s worth to see the “Masonry” and “Instagram” options. Masonry style steps forward for the users who have cute products. And Instagram; if you use it with the correct style of content, it will show your site full and alive.

Real time search is one of the features that Supro provides. Which means that the theme starts to suggest products as the visitor types in the search field. Remember that this kind of details are always a plus for easiness and customer satisfaction.

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Halena - Modern WooCommerce Theme

Halena – Minimal & Modern eCommerce WordPress Theme

With black & white colors, Halena is a modern and minimal theme. The main demo site is based on a decoration store to fit this concept. Besides, you’ll find 6 different layouts more. Especially “Minimal” and “Parallax” interfaces have attractive designs. Have a look at them for your own benefit!

As you may see on product listing options, it’s possible to display the products with or without paddings between them. In addition, if your product images have the same background color, you can catch a great view. And thanks to the AJAX based structure, your visitors can filter the products in real time. The shopping cart panel that comes out from the right hand side when you click the cart button, is also an extension of this structure. So you can always view your cart without leaving the current page. By the way, on product detail pages, there’s a tiny navigation for reaching the previous and next products easily.

WooCommerce pages like “Checkout” and “My Account” have been shaped professionally in Halena. While including more than 15 header variations, it also has a bunch of alternatives for your blog.

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Bazz – A Modern Multi-Concept WooCommerce Theme

Add some street soul to an energetic and assertive design. That’s what we see in Bazz. Fullscreen slider and strong title styles make the theme free and modern.

It’s presented with lots of demo variations including sectors like sport, technology and clothing. “Mighty” would be the correct word for the “Parallax Shop” layout with its content adaptation and the title embedded to the background. Bazz includes many shortcodes like “Feedback Carousel”. It’s a small slider that you can add your customer feedbacks. Each slide shows a quotation and you can navigate between the slides. Same carousel logic has been used in “Brand Carousel” too, a shortcode which lets you add brand logos to your page. These details will make your site look comprehensive and professional.

The theme comes with various ready-to-use inner pages like “About” and “FAQ”. You’ll also get a practical tool for creating your own newsletter subscription pop-up. Besides, thanks to the “Quick Shop” function, you can present your products inside an off-canvas panel which will be opened via a button. It’s a great way to feature your popular products.

Code quality is high in Bazz, as we see this in other themes of the seller, Select-Themes. They are in Top 5 of the Author Chart and they have a trustable stance with more than 15 winner themes.

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Byanca - Modern WooCommerce Theme for Clothing

Byanca – Modern WooCommerce Theme for Clothing Brands and Shops

Byanca is the perfect theme for the ones who want an elegant shop site. We see a demo site dominated by pastel color tones. The font choices of designers and the spread of the elements on homepage ensure a professional view that goes along with the theme’s style.

Specifically the combination of zoom animation and typography in the slider is blazing! Plus, since the theme supports all of the Google fonts, you can shape the slider in the way you wish. With the help of high customizability that the seller promises, you’ll have a unique website by using the creative style of the theme.

Byanca comes with an order tracking tool to let your visitors learn the situation of their orders. We should say that it’s always needed and loved by the shoppers. If you have some extra time, we suggest you to inspect all of the demo versions, especially the “Masonry”, “Parallax” and “Grip” options.

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Onea – Multipurpose WooCommerce Theme

Would you like to look like a professional, even if you’re not? Onea is a modern and aesthetic WooCommerce theme which helps you with this. Placement of the images and font choices have a big impact on that.

You can achieve a simple shop or a complex one with Onea. It’s totally up to you. Just decide what you want to do and go on! Because all of the features that a good shopping theme must have is included in this one. On the demo site, there are tons of successful alternatives. You can definitely find one for your own taste.

Onea also has some different options for your blog style. One of them is “Pinterest”, which can gain a fashion magazine ambience to your blog. Small details like the date info and overall text style are really sleek. By the way, no worries about the premium plugins. WP Bakery Page Builder and Revolution Slider are already included.

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Ovez – Modern Multi-Concept WooCommerce Theme

The creators of Ovez describe it as a multi-concept theme. It’s a modest and useful theme for your online store. By default, it uses black & white as main colors and pink for the secondary color.

The theme steps forward among the similar ones with a great feature. It’s pretty normal to find different layouts for product and category pages in modern WooCommerce themes. But finding one which provides options for product filtering view is hard. There Ovez is one of them. “Canvas”, “Dropdown”, “Select” and “Simple”. You can choose a product filter layout from these 4 alternatives. So your visitors will reach the products in the way you want.

When we evaluate the product detail layouts, we see the “Slideslip Thumbs” exposes a nice style. It would be a great choice for innovation seekers. Ovez also has a neat and cute blog layout named “Transparent”. Generally, the theme is quite successful in the aspect of design, functionality and customer support. Feedbacks are saying it too: “Best customer support ever got. Fast and kind.”

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