Portfolio WordPress Themes With Dark Skin Option 2019

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Dark WordPress portfolio themes are the best choice if you think that your images will look better on a dark background. So you can get benefit of the deep atmosphere that featuring your works.

In fact, it’s a reality that they have masculine styles. Sometimes the feminine ambience of white and pastel tones is not suitable for every kind of work. Especially, if the designers who want to present their creations in neon colors choose the dark themes, the result will be satisfying. Your animations, graphic designs, energetic and colorful elements are much more attractive and bright with these themes!


Quart – Modern Design Agency Theme

Quart is one of the most successful examples of WordPress portfolio themes with dark skin option available. It draws attention with an extra modern style and a cool stance.

Big fonts, bravely arranged elements and titles that appear on image hovers increase the appeal of the theme. In addition, the size of the space of slider title adds a strong air to the concept. You can place videos into your slides by the way. Designers have left the main menu and footer simple. Thus, more assertive design elements are not being drowned. To catch a WOW effect, you can show images on link hovers in any text. We recommend you to inspect especially the “Masonry Shop” and “Portfolio Minimal” layouts among 12 different demo alternatives. Homepage with noise effect has turned that minimal layout to quite a characteristic site.

Quart supports Slider Revolution, WP Bakery Page Builder and WooCommerce plugins. And the seller, Mikado-Themes, promise a high customizability in this portfolio theme. Besides, thanks to the online documentation file, you have the chance to reach the help file anywhere and anytime you wish.

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Penumbra – A Contemporary Multi-Concept Portfolio

Have your place here if you’re saying that you need a powerful, striking and easy-to-use portfolio theme. Because Edge-Themes promises aesthetic and easiness with Penumbra.

Theme has 12 demo options. We really like the “Linked Text Home” and “Split Slider” alternatives as well as the “Freelancer” layout, which is presented as default. A cool slider welcomes us on homepage. Designers have used big and moving titles to add a modern and assertive style. In addition, the theme includes lots of detail page templates. You can decide to the one which you believe that it will present your work perfectly.

Penumbra has some elements are fed by minimalism. For example, the main menu and submenus, font choice of the creators and small animated details. In this theme, there isn’t any reasons to not to feel the freedom in the name of typography. By the way, you can use the light version of the theme, if you wish. It can be a good alternative if you want to continue with the same design but a different atmosphere.

Thanks to the seller, it comes with WP Bakery Page Builder and Slider Revolution plugins. This way, you can keep your $60 in your pocket. What’s more, they increase the theme customizability, which is already very high. On the other hand, theme handles the responsiveness very well, therefore you can get the best view on every platform. So what are you waiting for to make Penumbra one of your own dark WordPress portfolio themes?

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Cubez - Dark Portfolio Theme

Cubez – Creative WordPress Showcase Portfolio Theme

Cubez stands among the suitable ones for people who look for a modest and easy going themes. “Bricks” and “Showcase” layouts have been created with dark backgrounds while the “Zipper” has white. Besides, “Showcase” draws attention by the fullscreen slider.

Noised background effects adds a cool air to general view. Except of the purple color in details, theme has a nice color trick. You can set a different color pattern for each portfolio detail page. What’s more, the main menu change its colors automatically according to your choice! We must say that designers have made a good and creative job here.

Cubez includes a couple of more genuine touches. For example, the eye icon at the bottom left of the screen is for filtering your works. You can choose a category from there and go on. Another one is, it places the social account names vertically, at the edge of the page. Looks really minimalist. The buttons for viewing the previous/next work make your site look more modern and dynamic.

The seller, Clapat, is famous with AJAX based portfolio themes and has more than 20.000 sales in total. If we consider that Cubez has lots of positive feedbacks, it’s so natural to increase expectations!

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Cardea – Portfolio One Page WordPress Theme

Here’s another great job from CocoBasic, as known as the king of one-page themes! Cardea looks convenient for agencies that prefer a neat & tidy view.

At first sight, a simple slider which focused on functionality welcomes us. And then, as we scroll down, we see sections with different colors which represent each item in the main menu. While keeping the dark atmosphere, theme uses energetic colors like bright pink and green. Generally, Cardea has a boxed appearance. You can easily understand which section is where. And additional contents appear in the actual space you’re currently viewing. By doing so, consistency of the concept has been kept. In addition, if the content covers a larger space than the screen, the section title becomes sticky. So you never get lost!

Dark WordPress portfolio themes should care about typography. And we definitely see it in Cardea. The titles in a narrow canvas split the words into syllables, which gains a characteristic style, especially with minimalist fonts. Besides, again in the titles, the numbering style is quite inspiring.

Theme comes with diverse shortcodes like pricing tables, skill bars and team to let you easily create your desired pages. Lastly, even if it’s a dark theme, a clean and readable experience is guaranteed.

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Seniman – Modern & Dark Portfolio WordPress Theme

Seniman is a modern WordPress portfolio theme with dark skin and young view for freelancers and designers. We see bright tones of pink, yellow and blue combined with energetic animations.

You have 3 different demo alternatives to see. There’s a comprehensive placement of elements in 3rd one. In the blog posts section on its homepage, we see the post titles have been stripped from images. They only appear when you rollover the title. It’s quite a creative choice of designers. And this view continues on detail pages too in an organized structure.

Seniman has a rich presentation in the name of font diversity. The bold title style with 2 different colors is very nice! This style that we see in the 1st demo, is one of the most distinct visual features of the theme. By the way, you have more than 600 fonts to use on your portfolio site.

Theme is 100% compatible with the Elementor page builder plugin. So you can create your pages by drag & drop functionality. As the last words, we should mention that the main menu actions are beautiful and original. When you click the menu button, the current screen shrinks and moves to the bottom of the page. So you can see the menu items in a sequent way. Pretentious and stylish!

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Namos - Dark WordPress Portfolio Theme

Namos – Dark WordPress Portfolio Theme

If you’d like to quickly have a simple site, Namos would be a proper selection. Various animations add a difference to the theme which is using green as a helper color. Thus, it’s a practical and authentic job amongst dark WordPress portfolio themes!

You can use Namos as a one-page theme or a multi-page one. It has a dynamic menu opening and when you hover the menu items, you’ll realize a creative touch that we can call “scattering letters”. You can add any text, image and video to the portfolio detail pages. Previous/next buttons have a beautiful design by the way, quite interesting. And the social icons, in fact, they are not icons because you see them as an abridgment of their names. We always love to see that kind of tricks that boost typographic consistency!

When we have a look at the blog design, we don’t see any images at first. They are only titles and dates. But when you rollover them, you’ll see the featured image of that post in a small canvas. By doing so, you can catch a decent appearance without using images that go along with each other.

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